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Now we need promote our bridesmaid dresses, If you are interested, we can collaborate with you by this two ways.
Make a post for us in english, i will pay fro you $20
A. Here is the details for the post:

Use the following words in the list, in the order you want, to write your post CONNECTING THE RESPECTIVE HYPERLINK to the specified words:

1 Bridesmaid dresses hyperlink ( )
2 Bridesmaid dresses uk hyperlink (http://www.aislestyle.co.uk/bridesmaid-dresses-c-6_7.html )
3 hyperlink ()

B. Put the ad banner (as attached) on your blog or other social platforms' banner sides at $10 for a total of 3 months 

The banner code is 

<a title="latest 2016 bridesmaid dresses for uk" href="http://www.aislestyle.co.uk/"><img alt="shop uk  bridesmaid dresses" src="http://www.aislestyle.co.uk/images/shop-2016-uk.jpg"></a> 

You can choose both  collaboration proposals or just one of them. If it is OK, please give us your Paypal account after completing the post or banner or both of them.

Kindest wishes,

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